Exhibition July 2013

Alejandra Coronado - Amist Studio
I started my jewellery design journey six years ago, after been inspired by one of Craft Reactor’s lovely members, Koralia, who encouraged me to take a Jewellery design course at Edinburgh Colleague of art. Since then I never looked back and “Amist Studio” was created.
I take a lot of pride in my work and pay a lot of attention to detail using only high quality materials.  I work with silver, brass, copper and gemstones. I design and make all my jewelry from beginning to end in my studio in Gifford East Lothian. My jewellery has been displayed and sold at: Peter potter gallery, Haddington; Bass Rock gallery, Dunbar; The Cove, Portobello; Haymarket Gallery, Edinburgh; Mercattours, Edinburgh and 3D lochness Experience, Edinburgh.
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Carmenland - Carmen Moran
Following my move to Edinburgh in 2000, I started taking life drawing and illustration evening classes, and soon started experimenting with bookbinding techniques. Alongside this, I also started making stuffies and random creatures to populate the dark and mysterious forests of Carmenland.
When I’m not trying to scare small children, I can often be found at craft fairs, flogging the produce of Carmenland to the general public.
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Jay Kirkland (Edinburgh Wrappa) - Designer Maker Machine Knitter
Ivy League (Joint owner manager Scottish Fashion,Textiles and Jewellery promotional agency)
Education Support Specialist (Dyslexia)
Disabled Student Needs Assessor
Edinburgh Wrappa Designs Inspired by:
Regina Faust, Linda Jackson (Artika), Iris Bishop, Kaffe Fasset, Craft Reactor, Mary Quant (vintage), Barbara Hulanicki (vintage Biba), Zandra Rhodes, Ossie Clark, Marianne Faithful, MC Escher, Salvador Dali, David Bowie…
The best of the 70s and 80s (it’s there if you look for it – music, fashion, art, photography and design!)
My Garden, Scottish Horizons on Sea and Land, Wild Scottish Flora and Fauna…
Natural yarns mostly but anything that feels lovely, comes in beautiful colours and can be persuaded through one of my machines leaving it intact when I’ve finished…
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Lorna Fogden -The Lovelorn Sea
Quilts, accessories, patterns and workshops.
I’m Lorna and I create bags, cushions, baby quilts and multi-texture textile collages. I also run quilting workshops from my cozy studio in the heart of beautiful Edinburgh.
My baby quilts are designed and made by me. All designs can be customised.
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Made by Jo - Jo Macrae
I’ve been making things for as long as I can remember. It’s a habit I’ve never managed to kick and my obsession for fabric and yarn and buttons and beads never seems to wane. I work full time in the museum sector and craft in my spare time. My work with museum collections means that I get to see some weird and wonderful and incredibly beautiful things, which feed my love of colour and pattern. From epic experiments in quilting, to small scale felt brooches, I enjoy working with textiles and yarn the most.
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Penny Forbes
I’m originally from Aberdeenshire. I moved to Edinburgh to attend the College of Art in 1997.
For the last 8 years I have been working in Stockbridge Primary’s After school club. It’s awesome, I love to see the kids work, their drawings, they have such a wonderful imagination. They definitely keep me inspired on a daily basis. Halloween in general is awesome and my favourite time of year. I love the macabre and all things a bit creepy. The main inspiration for my latest work is the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos, The day of the Dead. It is an explosion of colour, fun and happiness and a time for remembering and celebrating. I love this idea and find all the art/craft work associated with it mesmerising. It’s always so colourful and makes me happy.
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Plum & Pepper Studio - Madeleine Shepherd
I grew up in 1960s Edinburgh, surrounded by textiles and photography. My first bedroom was converted from my father’s darkroom and my mother’s upholstery work furnished it. The skills for both these arts were part of my world, while my formal education was in mathematics and a broad range of sciences. Fed up with mainstream shops in the late 1970s, I put these skills to use creating my own clothes and re-purposing charity shop finds. I have been creating craft and art work ever since, improving my skills through constant use and short courses with inspiring tutors.
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Rosario Mastrocinque - Rosario neo-Batik
I love travelling and I love painting: these 2 activities make me happy and my artistic goal is to share my high life state through my artworks. I feel that batik, in particular, is an excellent medium through which I can express the vibrant dynamism of life. I hardly use the immersion dying on fabric, but prefer the hand painting method, on several layers of wax drawings, in order to create unique artworks. The drawings are created with a tool called `tjanting`. Every batik painting is created on cotton fabric – which is then stretched on wooden frames – or on canvas.
Despite its very ancient roots, batik applies very much to our modern times; I am determined to explore its never ending new applications in what I call neo batik, or new batik.
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Zyzanna Dominiak
Craft: illustrated jewellery and illustration itself!
I have been drawing all my life and it is something I cannot imagine living without. In 2011 I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a degree in Illustration.
I have a big interest in narrative illustration. Since graduation I have also developed an interest in product design and started applying my drawings onto usable objects, i.e. canvas bags, sketchbooks, cards, jewellery (and the list is getting longer by the minute!) I try to make beautiful things that I would like to own myself, but that also tell a story.
I am very passionate about nature and wildlife. Most of my inspiration is linked to my surroundings – I am very lucky to live near forest.
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