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Set the world on fire at our October meet-up

Craft Reactor comrades and fellow travellers are invited to join in making group contribution to the International Day of Felt at the regular meet up in Hula on 2 October.

The first Saturday in October every year feltmakers around the world take part in a wide range of public events to celebrate the glories of their chosen medium. For more about the Day of Felt see the website and join the Facebook group.  Each year has a theme in order to create some focus to these events and this year it is fire!

“close your eyes and think about it. Think about that word… fire, about every aspect, about the meaning, what it looks like, love the colours, feel the heat, find warmth in the friendships, taste the food, smell… use all of your senses… then dream of the possibilities.” – from the announcement in January on

So  your Craft Reactor committee has hatched a plan for everyone who comes along to our meet to make a flame which will be incorporated in a group piece that will be exhbited in Hula on the Day of Felt itself.  The work will also be photographed for inclusion in the international portfolio on the Felt United website.

We have two simple methods of making flames that can be made easily even if you’ve never made felt before. They can be flat or 3D and use dry and wet processes. We’re starting simple to get as many people as possible involved but there may be scope for something more sophisticated if there’s enough time and space.  We’ll supply the tools and the fleece but contributions of extra fleece in firey colours are welcome.

Madeleine Shepherd then will take the flames to her studio later that week and assemble either a hanging panel or a sculptural object from everyone’s work. The final form will be dictated by what we make on Tuesday.

At 10am on Saturday 6th October the work will be installed in one of the windows at Hula for all to see and admire!  Everyone is welcome to come along to that too.


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