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Tea, Cake, Craft!

A tea party to introduce Craft Reactor to the world! If you’re interested in craft in any respect come and meet the people behind the organisation, drink tea, eat cake, win prizes and chat to us and each other.

We want to know what you would like to see Craft Reactor doing in the future and to tell you about our vision and the activities we have planned for the coming months. The direction we are aiming for is not only just about market events, we are interested in the social aspect of creativity, networking and building ties with the existing maker and craft entities in the area.

Join us on August 31st, between 6 and 8 at:

 The Glasite Meeting House
33 Barony Street
Edinburgh EH3 6NX.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer wheelchair access to this venue. We are doing our best to ensure that future events are fully accessible. If you can propose suitable venues we would be glad to hear about them.

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Attack of the Knitted Tentacles!

If you’re near the Grassmarket this month, make sure you visit Attack of the Knitted Tentacles, a free Edinburgh Festival Fringe exhibition being held at Transreal Fiction by two Craft Reactor members, Carmen Moran and Madeleine Shepherd.

The official blurb:

Lovecraftian interventions between the bookshelves at Transreal. Knitted tentacles threaten reality from the realm beyond. The Hep Herd graze placidly in the windows; nameless creeping terrors stalk them with ghoulish intent. Can the monsters from Carmenland save them from these eldritch horrors? Marvel at the brave lace-winged dragon’s mastery of the upper reaches. Gasp at the enormity of the alien emanations, shaped by weird geometries from outside space and time. Carmen Moran and Madeleine Shepherd have joined forces to create site-specific textile tableaux, photography and other installations inspired by Lovecraft and their love of craft.

I’m not sure I even know what some of those words mean, but from the sneak peeks we’ve had, I can tell you that some of these monsters and aliens are pretty impressive looking. Carmen assures me that even the scary-looking beasts are just trying to protect us… but will they be able to defeat the tentacles and save us all? Find out for yourself, throughout August, at:

Transreal Fiction,
7 Cowgatehead,

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